Mehndi Design for Hands Rajasthani

Mehndi Design for Hands Rajasthani

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs originated from Rajasthan where we usually find the Rajasthani women having the Mehandi design till their elbow. Marwari Mehandi design will reflect the culture of Rajasthan. These designs are perfect for everyone to gain an immense popularity in functions. The touch of Rajasthani Mehndi Designs may use in all over the Indian bride hands.

The gaps in between the designs are signified to accentuate the beauty and glory of the patterns. Foot are decorated with simple border and patterns, but it also needs intricate workmanship for truly feel pampered and deeply indulges. The famous Rajasthani Mehndi Designs is a perfect Dulha-Dulhan face structure on the ending points of arms this will gain the attention of people. Mango and peacock motifs mainly indulge to generate an eye-catching design.

Mehndi Design for Hands Rajasthani

Chopper Design

This Mehandi design is famous in Rajasthan. Hence it is also called as “Mehandi of Rajasthan”. Chopper usually depicts game of dice. It is usually applied on occasions such as Gangaur Fair second at the time of Teej and other at the time of Holi.

It is also popular among Marwadi’s throughout India who apply this at the time of their religious occasions and festivals.

rajasthani mehndi designs for wedding

Marwari Mehandi design images

Rajasthani Mango Motif Pattern

Mango motif pattern will include shapes and structure of mangoes that assist the artist in making mehndi design attractive. In this firstly the shapes of mango have been created then fill all the gaps by using small designs such as dots, checks, circles, and loops. The artist will use mango designs to create completely new and innovative designs.

Mango design has also been implemented I Rajasthani or Marwari community designs because this will give a traditional touch. This symbolizes the happiness and glory of a particular occasion and happy season. This design is best complemented with some patterns and best suited for those who have less time and patience.

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