Mehndi Cone | How to Make, Hold and use Henna Cone

How to Make Henna or Mehndi Cone at Home

How to Hold Henna or Mehndi Cone

This post is created using experience and technique that Beena From ArtPassion shared in her below YouTube video. If you prefer watching the video instead of text then check her mehndi cone tutorial video.

Many people requested that I should teach them or show them the right way to hold henna or mehndi cone. It is very important to hold the henna cone in comfortable position while making Mehandi Design.

It is likely to teach the “Right Way” of holding a pen or pencil. There is no perfect way to show you how to hold a pen or pencil. Everyone holds the way they feel comfortable with, the way they have learned from the very beginning and the way their teacher taught them how to hold a pen pencil. Exactly same way holding mehandi cone is also depend on your own comfort way and everyone has their own difference style to hold it.

So I really sorry i can’t teach the “Right Way” to hold henna or mehndi cone. But i can show you the way i hold my henna cone. I am not sure if it is right way or wrong way but that’s the way I hold my henna cone. The most common way of holding mehndi cone is like this :-

how to use henna cone

  • Keep mehndi cone in between your first and middle finger.
  • Where henna cone is resting on the middle finger and the first finger is securing it. Both fingers concentrate on the motion of mehndi cone.
  • And your thumb is getting more from grip while controlling pressure on the henna cone.
  • Height: I hold henna cone from the height where I can rest my wrist on surface and control the cone and most of the time that’s the top of my cone as i use smalls size cone. I need height so i can cover more area without stopping at points while drawing long lines or big motives. If I hold mehndi cone from near the teap then my movements get are limited and it could give me shaky lines.
  • Angle: I like to hold my cone in around 85 90 degree angle.
  • Size of cone: Now i would like to give one suggestion from my personal experience that if possible use small size mehndi cone. it’s easy to control by your thumb and your fingers. After working for long hours with small size mehandi cone your hands and thumb won’t get tired.

Where to get Mehndi Cone or Mehndi Paste ?

I always suggest to make your own henna cone with good quality henna. Not only it gives you best consistency but you also have a freedom to select consistency based upon size of cone.

There is no doubt that best quality henna paste gives best results to draw mehndi design images. It’s good to use your own henna paste. Because always remember that in many latest henna designs we don’t drag the lines. Check design in below simple mehnadi design image which I made without dragging lines. It can only be possible if you’re mehndi paste is fresh.

benefits of using own mehndi cone
Store-bought henna cones lack this quality. If for any reason you have to use the ready-made cone, go for better quality and transfer paste into your own empty cone. Now this is my suggestions, You should try the cones available near to you and experience the difference. Don’t forget to let me know in below comment box. Until unless you test it you won’t understand the difference.

How to Handle Partially filled Henna Cone

When henna cone is full it’s easy to handle but the moment it started to be empty. its get complicated and little bit difficult to handle. What I do in such situations, I keep using till my thumb can handle the situation and when it become impossible to band the cone, I refill it. So now instead of pressing the cone I have to squeeze the cone. Check the image below how I squeeze the cone after refilling it. Once you learn it and start using, it will make your life easier.

Note: Be a little bit careful as squeezing too much can give messy design so little it easy

So, Till the squeezing cone works for me, I keep using my cone that way but when I feel now it’s also getting difficult i use clip. This is the best technique I have learnt in past. What I do I just secure my cone with clip as shown in pic below with tightness I want with my cone. So i have my mehndi cone always like full cone. No need to use more pressure or do anything else and I can use my cone to the last bit of mehndi inside

How I hold my mehendi cone and some tips and tricks

Using another hand as a surface area

Many times while applying mehndi we don’t have a surface to rest of our wrist. In that case, I use my other hand as a rest area and I keep it under my main hand. Sometimes we need to keep other hand in breeze type form so design below the other hand don’t get ruined. But I always prefer to keep my hand on surface to get stability. Check the Image below

How to Clean the Henna or Mehndi Cone

I hold tissue paper or towel to clean the tip of the cone. I do it constantly because it’s my habit now.

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