Mehandi Designs : The Complete Guide for every occasion

Mehandi Designs are the most common thing you can see in every festival like Teej, Diwali, Eid and family functions like wedding and other celebrations. Mehandi is a traditional art of henna painting in India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. But in 2017 it has become popular in western countries also. Both men and women use Mehandi Designs, and It is applied on hands, palms, arms, feet, etc. Below we explained most common types of mehndi designs used on various occasions in India. So we decided to share Mehandi design Images and spread the art of henna design.

Mehandi is a part of Indian Culture since many years. It is an art of drawing latest henna design on the hands and feet with a powder made from Henna plant and also used some oils to make it better in color. This Henna plant in scientific terms is also known as “Lawsonia Inermis.”

The importance of Mehandi Designs:

Mehandi plays an essential role in certain ceremonies like latest mehndi designs for wedding, Karva Chauth, Teej and in many more festivals. Mehandi’s importance is up to the level for women that some occasions seem incomplete or dull if the ladies don’t wear the latest mehndi designs on their hands and feet. The art of making mehndi is as creative as anything. And there are a lot of designs to choose the pattern you want. But the art of applying Mehndi Designs can’t be learned in one day. You need to practice it daily by applying Mehndi on the hands of your relatives, friends and yourself also.

Even in 2017 Mehandi also has a deep cultural significance, and there are ceremonies dedicated to mehndi in weddings. There is a significance of applying Mehandi before the wedding. The reason is that Mehendi is also referred as ‘Medicinal herb.’ It removes the fatigue related strain and headache with its cooling effect. This is how “Mehandi Ki Raat” came into existence. From this, you can understand the importance of Mehandi in 2017’s Indian Functions. In the modern scene and due to limited  Mehndi artists,  people usually buy ready-made mehndi cones, which are ready to use and make painting easy, But in rural areas, women grind fresh henna leaves on grinding stones with added oil and achieve much darker colors.

Mehandi is symbols of Beauty fiction in India elders give high significance to the color of Mehandi where the darkness of the color symbolizes a lovely life partner and mother-in-law to that Bride. It also represents about the affection between the couple after marriage.

Mehandi Designs best  and beautiful

Draw Mehndi Designs on Hands: Step by Step Video

Mehndi Design Types

Apart from the importance let us also have a glance at different styles of Mehandi Designs which are used for various occasions. Henna designs have many types like Indian Designs, Pakistani designs and Arabic designs etc. We are going to explain each of theme with examples, one by one.

Mehndi Designs on Different Parts of Body

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