Mehandi design Images: 110+ Beautiful Best Mehndi Design Images 2017

Henna Mehandi design Images are traditional painting art which makes its different image in front of people. Henna mehndi designs now make its new image in the market of arts. Many artists nowadays make brand position by their collection of unique and traditional designs. Mehndi art is now famous in the international market with perfect mehndi designers. To fulfill the requirements of their customer’s artists have trending and unique collections of designs.

Numbers of designs are widely created by artists for full hand, half hand, bail, structure etc. These are unique from each other in style. It is perfectly suited to front hand but the backhand gains visibility so it is mandatory to design it in a perfect manner.

Simple Mehandi Design Images are a way to show the craziness and excitement of pretty mehndi designs. So you first select appropriate latest mehndi design Images one then apply it on your beautify hands.

We also collecting Best Mehndi design Images available and will provide a  free mehndi designs download link. Then you will be able to download all images in a single click.

Mehandi Designs best and beautiful

Tips to Draw Mehndi Designs on Hands: Step by Step Video

Application procedure: Things to do

Generally, it is made up from the stems and leaves of the Henna plant.

  • The leaves and stems are plucked up from the plant and are allowed to dry.
  • After that, they are grounded using traditional hand mill or the modern grinders.
  • Then we have to make the henna paste but before that, we have to sift the henna powder through a nylon strainer so as to remove any chunks or large pieces that can block the path of our applicator.
  • After that, we have to place that henna powder in a bowl and mix some 60ml of lemon juice with essential oils to it such as Lavender oil, Raven Sara oil, Cajuput etc. and stir the mixture. It is to be kept in mind that the solution needs to have to be a thick consistency. The solution needs constant stirring till the texture becomes silky smooth.
  • Then the bowl needs to be covered with a plastic cap and let it be still at room temperature. We can add more lemon juice to it for speedier results. Gradually it can be seen that the dye gets separated in form of yogurt like structure and floats on the surface.
  • Remove the required part i.e. the surface part and put it in conical structure and lock it with a rubber band.
  • Next, it is ready to use, we just need to make a hole on the conical part of the tube and we are ready to explore some of the awesome designs of Heena.

After applying mehndi designs-

  • Mehandi needs to be left for two to four hours or in some cases the whole night before it is peeled off. After the immediate application of Mehandi, it dries up with time and cracks is seen on the lining and designing of the henna.
  • The solution of lemon and sugar is applied to keep it moist for some more time. The more it will be wet and be on hands the more it is going to contrast and glow.
  • In these modern days, tissue paper or paper napkins are wrapped over the applied placed i.e. hands or feet to maintain the body heat and utilize it to have an awesome design.

Than Heena is peeled off from the hand, it leaves a light imprint. But with time the Mehandi gets oxidized and get darker and darker. After an interval of one whole day, we can see the actual colors of the Mehendi. So this is the complete process of transformation of Heena to Mehendi.

Simple Tips To get Dark Mehndi Stains

Avoid Any Possible Infection

There are handpicked tips that should be kept in mind in order to be safe from any reaction:

  • Some people face skin allergies after applying the Henna on their skin. Before applying it on the hands and palm it can be tested by applying a small patch on the upper arm so that in the worst case it can be covered with sleeves.
  • In the United States, it is used popularly as hair dye. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) do not recommend applying it directly on the skin.
  • Nowadays the use of Mehandi has taken a different direction by the introduction of Sticker Mehandi and multi-color glitter Mehendi. It is advised to check on these products quality and in case of the sticker Mehandi check the adhesive is skin-friendly or not.
  • Any reaction felt or seen should be immediately brought under the Doctor’s notice.
  • It complained that a special type of chemical is used in making the Mehandi cones known as Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD). It is found to be the same chemicals that are used in printers and photocopying machine printer cartridges which are harmful to the body.
  • With the changing time, we see various vibrant colors of henna or Mehandi too. Some colors that are popular among the designer Mehandi line are black and red, other than its natural color. In the Middle East region, Arabic Mehandi used black color as their primary color. But in India black is only used in outlining or border region of the Mehendi.

Mehndi Design Images :

Most of the girls search best Mehndi Designs on the famous website for pretty designs such as Dailymotion, Facebook, Pinterest etc. But BNJ has the best collection of mehndi design Images than someone can’t find on Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Recently at BlueNotchJeans, we introduced some freaky and pretty leg design Images. We collected from our recent marriage projects. These are very Simple Mehndi Designs. Check out the images below.

mehndi design images

Mehndi is an art of Henna has been properly practiced in different countries such as India, Africa, and the others from earlier centuries. The henna design is a great way to celebrate life’s special occasions with it. Mehndi is traditionally applied on hands and feet during wedding ceremonies and any kind of joyous celebrations. Mehndi is believed to convey love and good luck to the new life of both the souls.

foot mehndi designslegs mehndi designmehndi designs for legmehndi design for legs

Several arts of Henna has become a wonderful way to celebrate any occasions warmly and make the event more memorable for everyone. India is the best place to get best mehndi designs for several parties, functions, tattoos etc. Highly skilled leading henna artist in India can share their tactics with other people through the Digital media. The design they suggested must be implemented on the particular occasion. From traditional to fusion to the modern and contemporary point of view they will provide every kind of design to you. So you will implement this henna designs and express the talent of artists through you pretty palms.

Mehndi Design Types

Apart from the importance let us also have a glance at different styles of Mehandi Designs which are used for various occasions. Henna designs have many types like Indian Designs, Pakistani designs and Arabic designs etc. We are going to explain each of theme with examples, one by one.

Mehndi Designs on Different Parts of Body

More Mehandi Tips and Tricks

The importance of Mehandi Designs

Mehandi plays an essential role in certain ceremonies like latest mehndi designs for wedding, Karva Chauth, Teej and in many more festivals. Mehandi’s importance is up to the level for women that some occasions seem incomplete or dull if the ladies don’t wear the latest mehndi designs on their hands and feet. The art of making mehndi is as creative as anything. And there are a lot of designs to choose the pattern you want. But the art of applying Mehndi Designs can’t be learned in one day. You need to practice it daily by applying Mehndi on the hands of your relatives, friends and yourself also.

Even in 2017 Mehandi also has a deep cultural significance, and there are ceremonies dedicated to mehndi in weddings. There is a significance of applying Mehandi before the wedding. The reason is that Mehendi is also referred as ‘Medicinal herb.’ It removes the fatigue-related strain and headache with its cooling effect. This is how “Mehandi Ki Raat” came into existence. From this, you can understand the importance of Mehandi in 2017’s Indian Functions. In the modern scene and due to limited  Mehndi artists,  people usually buy ready-made mehndi cones, which are ready to use and make painting easy, But in rural areas, women grind fresh henna leaves on grinding stones with added oil and achieve much darker colors.

Mehandi is symbols of Beauty fiction in India elders give high significance to the color of Mehandi where the darkness of the color symbolizes a lovely life partner and mother-in-law to that Bride. It also represents about the affection between the couple after marriage.

Final Words

Mehandi Designs are the most common thing you can see in every festival like Teej, Diwali, Eid and family functions like weddings and other celebrations. Mehandi is a traditional art of henna painting in India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. But in 2017 it has become popular in western countries also. Both men and women use Mehandi Designs, and It is applied on hands, palms, arms, feet, etc. Below we explained most common types of mehndi designs used on various occasions in India. So we decided to share Mehandi design Images and spread the art of henna design.

Mehandi is a part of Indian Culture since many years. It is an art of drawing latest henna design on the hands and feet with a powder made from Henna plant and also used some oils to make it better in color. This Henna plant in scientific terms is also known as “Lawsonia Inermis.”

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