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Arabic Mehndi Designs:

The Arabic Mehndi designs are quite contrasted to the Indian Bridal henna design which solely ensures that whole hand is filled with design. Arabic Mehandi design only focuses on less intricate style. As mentioned above the Indian style ensures that design starts from the tip of the finger and covers up half of the hand whereas in Arabic Mehndi design it starts with palm and flows through the wrist. It has patterns of ‘flowers,’ ‘Vines’ and ‘leaves’ also ‘Dots.’

Festivals are celebrated the whole year and wedding season followed by it. So it is more exciting for ladies to decorate their hands with marvelous Arabic mehndi designs that furnish conventional edge to their palms. Arabic Mehndi comprises of Beautiful flowers and leaves that are properly arranged in a specific manner. The outlines in this design can make it more distinctive and eye catching. The patterns will give a classic look while its outlining represent modern look. In the simple Arabic henna design, flower design starts from the index finger and then go throughout in the whole hand. It also includes star designs to decorate that also gives a unique look to them. Nowadays glitters are also used to make fabulous henna mehndi designs on hands.

Arabic mehendi designs for hands images

arabic mehndi designs images for hands

This kind of Mehandi design images are free flowing in nature. The dorsal area of the hand is also covered with these designs. It has more scattered patterns compared to the Indian Bridal style Mehandi. It has a very discreet look due to the extension of ‘Vines’ and ‘Dots.’ This makes the Arabic design more captivating and fantastic. The Arabic Mehandi design comes with a eye-catching appeal like stickers made of Radium, Diamond, etc. This latest mehndi designs appeals to eyes very easily and hence it is more popular among Girls.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands

Well, these type of mehndi designs are not so easy so if you are looking for simple mehndi design check out this post.

simple arabic mehndi designs for right hand

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