Mehandi is a part of Indian Culture since many years. It is an art of drawing latest henna design on the hands and feet with a powder made from Henna plant and also used some oils to make it better in color. This Henna plant in scientific terms is also known as “Lawsonia Inermis” .

The importance of Mehandi Designs:

Mehandi plays an essential role in certain ceremonies like latest mehndi design for weddings, Karva Chauth, Teej and in many more festivals.

In weddings a special occasion is given to Mehandi called “Mehndi ki Raat” from this you can understand how important Mehandi is in Indian Functions.

Mehandi is symbols of Beauty fiction in India elders give high significance to the colour of Mehandi where the darkness of the colour symbolises a lovely life partner and mother-in-law to that Bride. It also represents about the affection between the couple after marriage.

Apart from the importance let us also have a glance at different styles of Mehandi Designs which are used for different occasions.

Let us have a look at them one by one.

1. Bride and Groom design:

The name itself describes that it is solely for wedding purpose. It binds two souls together in the matrimony and symbolizes love and affection between the couple. It requires artist as it is done by making Bride and Groom on both hands with designing.

2. Bridal design:

This design is filled with a different number of patterns like ‘Motifs’, ‘flower’ etc. from top to bottom. They start from tips of the finger and extend up to half of the arm with these flowing pretty patterns. The beauty of this Bridal design is lines, curves, and dots which are mostly liked by Indian and Asian country women. There is a significance of applying this kind of Bridal design or in other words bridal Mehandi design before the wedding. The reason is because Mehandi is also referred as ‘Medicinal herb’. It removes the fatigue related strain and headache with its cooling effect. This is how “Mehndi ki Raat” came into existence.

  • Circular Motif:

There is an amazing pattern called ‘Circular Motif’ where a neat circle at the centre is the attraction for this design. It leaves a footprint in our mind even after the Mehandi has faded away.

  • Floral Design:

Another popular Indian Mehandi design is the ‘floral design’ which symbolises the femininity. In this particular design, the skin is stained with Orange-Red colour, by making lots of flowers and the result i.e.; the flower design looks more appealing.

  • Lines and pattern:

The next hot design among Indian design is the ‘Lines and pattern’ with which we can create alluring designs in the hands of women with the help of different Lines & patterns’. It is one of the most interesting designs which every woman must try for at least once of the religious occasions or party.

  • Chequered Pattern:

‘Chequered pattern’ is one of the highlights in this Mehandi Designs. It is a different break for the intricate Mehandi designs. It fills each and every gap on your hands with beautiful checks and blocks.

Border Design:

Another Interesting design is the “Border design”. This design can be applied only to the sides of your feet which make a Border. For the best captivating effect, you can use delicate pattern.

The Design on Finger tip:

This design is perfect for the wedding day as it represents the Indo-ethnic culture. This design consists of chain dots and spirals which are a perfect eye catcher.

Bridal Thick Mehandi Design:
This Mehndi Design originated from Rajasthan where we usually find the Rajasthani women having the Mehandi design till their elbow.

The Arabic Design:

The Arabic Mehandi design is quite contrast to the Indian Bridal design which solely ensures that whole hand is filled with design whereas the Arabic Mehandi design only focuses on less intricate style. As mentioned above the Indian style ensures that design starts from tip of the finger and covers up half of the hand whereas in Arabic Mehndi design it starts with palm and flows through wrist. It has patterns of ‘flowers’, ‘Vines’ and ‘leaves’ also ‘Dots’.

This kind of Mehandi is free flowing in nature. The dorsal area over the hand is also covered with these designs. It has more scattered patterns compared to the Indian Bridal style Mehandi. It has very discreet look due to the extension of ‘Vines’ and ‘Dots’. This makes the Arabic design more captivating and fantastic.

The Arabic Mehandi design comes with a eye catching appeal like stickers made of Radium, Diamond etc. It appeals to eyes very easily and hence it is more popular among Girls.

Creepers and Leaves:

The next popular pattern in our list is the ‘Creepers and leaves’ design. This design has a flow in structure with lots of leaves which needs to be done only by the professional to bring the alluring look to hands and feet.

Henna Tattoos:

These Henna tattoos are expected to be there since Ancient Egyptian time. It is said that Cleopatra used these Henna tattoos to beautify her body. The Henna tattoos are in two different patterns one is ‘Floral’ and the other is ‘fine lines’.

This type of henna lasts on body based on the type of skin, on which part of the body you are applying and also lifestyle. But in general terms it lasts for about 1 to 3 weeks.

One of the advantages of these henna tattoos is that they are sun block. It means, when you go out on a sunny day it protects your skin from getting tanned and also makes shiny.

Coloured Mehendi Design:

This, nowadays, trendy awesome pattern is made by using coloured Glitter, also coloured stones. So looks very beautiful and catchy to eye of everyone.

Crystal Pattern:

These are a typical twist to traditional Mehandi design. These kind of patterns are mostly taken from the Arabic Mehandi design and decorated with Color stone and Crystals. They are also mix of the patterns like Vines, Leaves and flowers.

Unlike Arabic Mehandi design they don’t have any restrictions like where to apply on the body. They are applied on any part of the body as they look trendy and stylish. Women usually apply it from the tip of the finger and end at half of the arm.

Chopper Design:

This Mehandi design is famous in Rajasthan. Hence it is also called as “Mehandi of Rajasthan”. Chopper usually depicts game of dice. It is usually applied on occasions such as Gangaur Fair second at the time of Teej and other at the time of Holi.

It is also popular among Marwadi’s throughout India who apply this at the time of their religious occasions and festivals.

Peacock Design:

The name itself defines what kind of design is going to be made on the hands of women.

Though there are many types of peacock designs I would like to share few of them with you now.

Medium size peacock design:

It is one of the beautiful among Peacock Mehndi Designs. It looks good for all the occasions. It generally comes with a combination of “spiral and abstract design on the fingers”. You find dot patterns of small size in the open area of Palm.

Elegant Peacock design:

Another model is called as “Elegant Peacock design” which is especially beautiful for wedding occasions. It has few traits taken from both Indian and Arabic Mehandi. In this Elegant design, they use black Mehandi and shades which make this pattern even more beautiful on the hands of the Bride.

Red Mehandi:

Another beautiful pattern in this peacock Mehandi design is the “Red Mehandi”. Peacock motif is featured in this design. There are beautiful things on the palm and fingers which make you fall in love with this design. It also has a bangle kind of design on an open wrist.

Black Mehandi:

The fourth beautiful among the peacock design is the “Black Mehndi”. As the name itself defines that we use black Mehandi in this pattern, and it is bigger when compared to the previous design. This design is entirely made for wedding occasions. This design usually covers up half of the arms.

Peacock Pair model:

This design is usually termed as a pair of peacock model. In this pattern, a pair of peacocks is made in the hands of the Bride which beautifies her hands and makes her look so cute on the occasion of wedding.

Peacock Tattoo:

This type of Peacock Mehandi is usually of tattoo form. These kinds of Mehndi’s are loved by people who usually take tattoo Mehandis. This is a great and simple way for people who look for alternatives to who want temporary Mehandi design on their hand and add colour to their hands without any pain. They can remove this design once they get bored.

New age Peacock:

In this type of peacock design you can make unique patterns for a Bride of new age who wants a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional design.

6 Mehndi Designs That Every Girl Should Know

Mehndi is a traditional art of applying pretty designs on diverse body parts such as hands and feet. In different cultures, mehndi flourished with varied styles and designs. Traditional mehndi designs are a creative representation of the sun on the palm. Mehandi designing is a pain-free art that is used to become relax. It is an art that has been practiced from the ancient times in East Africa but now it becomes a regular activity on most of the occasions. In early time Mehndi has been applied on the body to keep it cool.

When we talk about diverse designs fines lines are mostly applied in India and Pakistan Mehendi designs. While in Morocco designs there are complicated geometric patterns has been used widely. It is mainly applied on hands and feet with the specific type of designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

best mehndi designFestivals are celebrated the whole year and wedding season followed by it. So it is more exciting for ladies to decorate their hands with marvelous Arabic mehandi designs that furnish conventional edge to their palms. Arabic Mehndi comprises of Beautiful flowers and leaves that are properly arranged in a specific manner. The outlines in this design can make it more distinctive and eye catching. The patterns will give a classic look while its outlining represent modern look. In the simple Arabic design, flower design starts from the index finger and then go throughout in the whole hand. It also includes star designs to decorate that also gives a unique look to them. Nowadays glitters are also used to make fabulous mehendi designs on hands.

  • Creepers and Leaves:-

Creepers and leaves are a perfect art for making a structural flow. The creeper art is so charming and pretty that girls are more attract to implement it on their hands with it.

  • The twists:-

This twisted mehndi becomes eye-catching on several occasions. This pattern assists to draws attention on the Jewellery of a bride. This design more compliment with split mandala and others.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani mehandi designsPakistani mehndi designs creation is not an easy task because these are very delicate designs to apply. It will contain fabulous flowers, as well as unique patterns, give a fantastic look to a girl’s hand. These designs are more elaborate and decorative and also assist ladies to enhance their beauties. A beautiful, as well as complex designs, appeared beautiful on a bride’s hands. The shades have selected according to the reflection of the girl. The Pakistani designs look so fresh and stylish. This type of has been flaunting on several occasions such as engagement and wedding ceremonies. These bridal mehandi designs give a compliment to mascara colors to get a shiny effect. It also involves lining of designs that are blank. We can see the right balance of several designs of geometry in these designs so all the patterns give a fabulous look.

Traditional Mehandi Designs

Traditional mehandi designThe tradition and culture influence mehndi designs also. During the wedding ceremony, women see with traditional decorative mehendi designs on their hands. Peacock design is the most favorable traditional designs among ladies. In traditional mehndi design, the hands of the bride are decorated with several floral as well as flower designs. The palms look more amazing and prettier because each and every design enhances the beauty of the bride. The designs of traditional mehandi signify that all the rituals are traditional and full of spirit. As the time changes, this design is not so common but brides hands appeal marvelous so it is preferred by them. Simple Mehndi design patterns will include beautiful leaves and floral designs that are preferred by girls on their prettier hands. But the occasions of Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan’s traditional artists are mostly found by ladies.

This is a kind of traditional henna design that we find in the ancient Mughal palaces. In this several domes as well as floral design can give a look of royal residence on ladies hands. The more emphasis of this design is the chequered and split pattern. But on the fingers, normal leaves patterns are used to give them a royal look.

  • Peacock Mehndi Designs:-

This is the most favorable design that is much liked by all the ladies. This design is mostly implemented on the bridals hands in a beautiful as well as pretty way. It always gives a feminine look that makes your hands look gorgeous. This is the main section of a Punjabi mehndi design.

  • The Elephant Motif:-

Elephant Motif mehndi is one of the favorable bridal mehndi of girls. It’s swirly as well as curvy patterns give a distinct look and feet of a bride also decorated with pretty elephants that mostly noticed on wedding functions. This pattern is very much similar to peacock and floral design.

  • Paisley Design:-

It is a kind of a mehndi design that involves tiny paisleys. This is an excellent way to represent an art of artist. This design will create a delicate design pattern, the result is a very fascinating and looks amazing.

  • Circular Motifs:-

Circular motifs are aesthetical mehndi design that is much more appealing. The thing that makes it great is that the circle furnishes hand a neat as well as clean impression and a fantastic look.

  • Floral Designs:-

It is one of the most popular designs that is used in Punjabi Mehndi design.  Flowers signify the epitome of femininity. When the mehndi design blemish then these flowers make the glory of your beautiful palms.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

best Punjabi mehandi designPunjabi Mehandi designs are glorified and they also represent the heritage of Punjab. The designs that are included in it are large and heavy so the hands of the bride look more attractive. A perfect professional has been the expert with a lot of practice to make them in a flaw. The Punjabi ladies apply these designs on several occasions such as kava Chauth, Baisakhi etc

  • Beautiful Mehendi designs:-

Some girls are really crazy about beautiful mehndi designs who want a perfect design on their palms that give an attractive look to their beautiful hands. Some mehndi designs are intricate.

  • Chequered Pattern:-

This is so much different from the above heavy designs because in this the artists have to show their arts by filling all the gaps perfectly with the help of small designs.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

best Bridal mehandi designMehndi ceremony is a famous tradition ritual in a wedding. The bridal mehndi designs maintain symmetry pepper leave styles, complicated patterns as well as floral motifs this is a significance of positive alternative. A famous ritual bridal Mehndi is celebrated in Asian countries so mehndi has an important role in the wedding and the girl is also very much excited of this ritual in which her palms and feet are decorated with beautiful mehandi designs. It also gives a delightful look to the bride on the wedding. The Bride’s hands are fully covered with Bridal and traditional Mehndi designs are applied on bride’s hands and also a ritual of hiding name of Bride in mehndi. Some of the designs are specially designed for brides, so they always remember their wedding. This type of mehndi is very complicated, so it is necessary that a skilled person can make on bride palm.

  • Dulhan Mehndi designs:-

Dulhan mehndi design is much like a mirror that will truly reflect culture tradition, society as well as legacy. In this, the Dulhan will select whether she want the floral theme to leafy strokes and subtle designs that are integrated.

  • Wedding Mehandi designs:-

Wedding mehndi designs are completely unique. The most favorable designs of the bride on their wedding are- Cute flowers and leaves in which darkening if the water inside the flowers give a stupefying look. The other one comprises of peculiar detailing in which hands are fully covered with pretty and complicated mehndi designs.

  • Bride And Groom Design:-

This is the most favorable design of bridges which want to implement on their palms at the time of the wedding. This design signifies the story of the both brides and grooms. A professional artist can make it perfectly to show or symbolize the love of joining the two souls. It is a unique way to show the happiness.

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Glittery Mehendi Design

Glittery mehandi designGlitter is something that girls used it for the decoration of their body parts. But when it comes to the case of mehndi glitter is a way to beautify the hands and feet of a girl. So this style is preferable by girls by applying on the traditional design that gives a unique and shiny look. This type of mehndi design mostly preferable for party occasions and take care of that glitter color compliment your dress also. It is a kind of great attempt that also portray several religious places of worship.  Unique designs have been made with the help of glitters. Glitter mehndi nowadays become a trendy and popular among ladies. In this sparkle has been added that assist hands to look alluring and pretty. The nature of these kinds of designs is loud and adequate that outshines the bride hands and feet.

Above designs is a way to show the craziness and excitement of pretty mehndi designs. So you first select appropriate one then apply it on your beautify hands.